Its been a while

Ello friends and followers… apologies that I have not been active lately… I am just really tired of all the weird ass, random and truly petty drama. I came here to make friends that share my interests… in whole.. I can say that I made a few honest friends from this, and the rest are merely folk that might have something to say..but are really just here for pics… which is fine, I agree.. pics rock, share away…. But when those pics become less and less and the drama posts become more and more prevalent… well, that’s where I take my bow.

For the few that I have shared laughter laughter and tears with.. I would be honored if you would send me a message to say hello, you can reach me by email, cuz on here I am not active enough to see anything……

For me newer followers, I apologize… I will not stop the account and I may come back and become more active, but for now, please feel free to go over my stuff and writings, message me if you like, I am always interested in talking to new folk. 

If I dont speak with you, or you are busy and never see this… to the few that made this fun… Kryptaria, Rose Deklava, Lapislazulilong, megg33K, cumberseedybatch, BootsnBlossoms, Baubette, Pati79, kayjaykayme, professorfangirl, and especially REHfan…

You guys were the glue that held me together and the strength when I was weak. You guys kept me here and happy for far longer than I was expecting. Either by tale or tone, you have made me smile and laugh in ways I never thought I could. Thank you for your inspiration and support. Please message me to continue the good times!!

I thought about removing the blogs I was following and only follow you guys… and I may still do that.. but for now I will have a more passive role.

You all rock, and thank you for following me. If you take me off your dahboards I understand

how does it feel?

Hey folk, a friend of mine and I were conversing over my current obsession and he tells me that he has never felt the way I do, as in stupid powerful attraction, obsessive sexual thoughts ect, when I am attracted to someone..

Soooo is he strange… or am I?

Let me know by message please if you become obsessively dirty when thinking about the person whom you are most attracted to. If your thoughts go to them more often than you think of anyone else, ect. Tell me how you feel when you re hopelessly attracted to someone…. its for research!

it is likely that no one will respond, but whatever…

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